Finn (ddBbayat Blue Fawn) is the foundation of our program here at Boise French Bulldogs. He is my absolute ideal French Bulldog in all aspects: health, conformation and temperament. Both balanced and correct in structure, his ideal topline enhances a well defined, muscular body and a simply stunning head. His perfect earset complements a beautiful expression.

Finn has tested clear of the French Bulldog genetic panel through Animal Genetics. Official OFA’s are pending but preliminary results indicted minimum “good” rating on hips/ elbows. Eyes/Heart/Health cleared. Finn has nice open nares, perfect palate and correct bite.

What sets Finn even further apart from other stud dogs is his temperament. His sweet, sincere and lovable disposition compliments a keen intelligence. I often say that I am owned by Finn as, indeed, I am his person.