Phoebe-02 resized

Phoebe is our beautiful Blue Brindle female. Phoebe complements our male Finn perfectly. She definitely fits my criteria for French Bulldog in type with her well-balanced and correct structure. While her top line is just a literal fraction longer than I like, every other aspect of her conformation is my ideal female French Bulldog. What sets her apart from other girls is her super elegant feminine head. Beautiful expression and perfect ear set compliments her clean neck and well defined shoulder. Lovely muscular frame on this girl without being masculine looking. While I love super masculine male dogs, I definitely want my females to be feminine.

Phoebe has been genetically cleared through Animal Genetics. She has beautifully open nares, ideal palate and correct French Bulldog bite. Eyes, heart, hips and reproductive health cleared.

Phoebe has a truly comical and unique temperament. This girl lets me know where I stand and how she feels by both her expression and body language. I often know she disapproves of my actions by her position and proximity to me. While occupying the same area I am in she will pick a far corner to sit in (facing the corner) and proceed to throw dirty looks my way over her shoulder. While not overly affectionate she will tell me when she wants attention by barking at me until I pay attention to her. She is super funny and sweet with such great character.



Charlie is our stunning imported Chocolate (bbDdatakyky) European Champion lined female. While Charlie deviates from my type there is nothing I don’t love about this girl. She has a slightly thicker body with more bone and super soft coat with more skin/folds than the rest of the dogs in our program. Her head and expression are absolutely stunning. This is definitely what a European Championed dog looks like! While I typically like a bigger ear on my dogs I find hers perfect for her. My one and only criticism of Charlie would be that she is a bit tight in her nares and slightly longer in her palate than I prefer. She does not snore or give any indication of obstruction/reduced breathing capacity. Just a bit tighter and longer than I personally like.

Charlie has been genetically cleared through Animal Genetics. Preliminary X-rays look very good (will submit official OFA’s in the Spring after she turns 2 per OFA regulations). Eyes, heart, reproductive and health cleared.

Charlie is my super snuggly and affectionate girl. She loves to love and loves being loved. I couldn’t ask for a kinder, sweeter girl. Charlie knows no stranger and often insists on being in your lap where she is truly most content. Super food motivated (we almost named her Snacks due to her love of snack) she is my easiest keeper and typically weighs a few pounds more than the other dogs on our program. On her frame that extra few pounds is ideal. Charlie is always happy and wanting to please her people. I am so excited to see what Finn and Charlie produce and anticipate some AMAZING QUALITY and COLOR without sacrificing health