Thank you for your interest

I am a small local breeder focusing on health, temperament and structure. All our dogs are extensively genetically and health (OFA, CERF, Cardiac) tested and cleared. I have those results on hand for folks interested in one of our pups to verify. All our pups come with a health guarantee and copies of all parents health/ genetic testing. Pups receive an extensive health evaluation at 6 weeks during their initial vaccination (we look for heat murmurs, patella luxations, bites, evaluate nares and palates).  Again, Improving the health of this breed and producing healthy puppies is our first priority.

All of our dogs have amazing and unique personalities. I think these personalities are what truly set this breed apart from other brachycephallic breeds.

I definitely have a specific structure type that differs from what I’ve seen locally although there are other great breeders producing nice dogs in the valley as well. I just have a definite type that I’m breeding for. Specifically shorter top lines, well defined muscular with nice overall balance. I like a nice clean head with great expression.

I have two lines in our program currently and am researching a third line to add next year. But for now I have an American line and a line I imported from Europe. These lines are out producing my wildest expectations! And the genetics we have in these lines are producing some striking colors (blues, lilacs, chocolates, lilac fawns, some striking piece, both with and without tan points).

This breed is expensive. After raising them, genetic testing, OFA testing etc our program is into each of our dogs 15K plus. Then comes costs of breeding. Frenchies don’t typically breed or whelp naturally so we AI or TCI our females after multiple progesterone tests to ensure optimal chances for fertilization. At 30 days we ultrasound, 50 days X-ray and then start reverse progesterone testing to determine when to safely take pups via C- section. Intense and complicated process! But so worth it!

Price wise you can expect to pay about $3500-$4500 on a pet AKC contract. Rare colors run about 1K more. I’m different than most breeders and will not sell all pups with the option of buying breeding rights so if you are looking for a breeding quality pup you may have to wait until I have one that I feel will truly positively contribute to the health and quality of this awesome breed. Breeding quality pups cost between 7-10K.

This all being said (I apologize for the novel) I encourage anyone interested in obtaining a Frenchie to come meet us and our crew in person, even if you don’t purchase through me. I’m definitely a no pressure person as our dogs sell themselves and I typically haven’t more demand than I can produce. Visiting our program is a good way to see if what I’m producing is what your looking for and a good overall fit. I prescreen all our families. As you can imagine I’m super emotionally invested in each and every pup. They are raised as a part of our family and kept in an office I converted into a nursery that’s attached to our bedroom.

So please feel free to schedule a time to meet. We do have pups now for the next 2 weeks so you can definitely see what to expect from one of our pups.

Thank you so much for your interest. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any additional questions.

*** we do have 2 litters planned for this fall. We do currently have a short waiting list.